Local Produce


The Tours region offers lots of great produce and it is not by chance that the kings of France stayed there for an extended period, offering all kind of delights close at hand.
It is also the reason why culinary identity is not marked like other areas in France here, it is national and universal!
This garden of France is a source of never ending cooking inspirations.
Artisans, farmers, fishermen, butchers, winemakers and local producers share the same passion for the produce and the valorisation of our Loire region with us.

Don't hesitate to visit them to appreciate their savoir faire.

Reine de Touraine
Discover the savoir faire of the "Poire Tapée", at 9kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire.
Located in Quinçay (2 kms from Rivarennes) in a troglodyte cave setting in the heart of the Regional Natural Park, a Unesco World Heritage site. This "poire tapée" museum is also a former site of production (1850-1930)

Dominique Briquet

Grégory Bidault

Saintes Rennes
Market gardener

La Montagne aux fromages
Fine cheese-maker

Franck and Christelle Quinque
The Gasneraie orchard


Des poules et des vignes

Ma biquette
Goat cheese

Stéphane Verneau

Le mareyeur

Sa majesté la graine

Famille Chiquet
Market gardener

In addition we are a member of © du Centre

C du Centre, is THE signature that brings together all the actors of the food and agricultural trades of the Center region.

And also, we are Master Restaurateur

That is to say, our cuisine is entirely homemade and by professional restaurateurs.
We are very proud to announce that we are now Maître Restaurateur.

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