World Heritage


Welcome to the Loire Valley, a designated Unesco World Heritage Site!
Welcome to a region where one lives at the rhythm of tributaries and where chateaux and tuffeau mansions are reflected on its wild and royal river.
"Living is an art here" and your stay at the Auberge, located in the heart of these natural riches and France's history, will not be long enough to discover it all:


Le Château d'Azay-le-Rideau (above)
Located 4 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire and embraced by the river Indre's tributaries, the chateau is a subtil alliance of French traditions and innovative decorations originating from Italy and an icon of the sixteenth's century Loire Valley's new art of building.
The most romantic of the Loire Valley's castles...


The Goupillières troglodyte cave valley
In the shade of the Loire castles, discover the Goupillières, 7 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire and meet the lives of farmers who inhabited these troglodyte farms in the Middle-Ages.


Wicker and basketry museum
Musée vannerie
Located 10 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire, discover all the wickerwork's history and access its secrets thanks to its workshops.
A shop is also at your disposal for standard and made-to-measure models.


Le château de Villandry
Located 10 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire, it is the last of the great chateaux of the Loire built during the Loire Valley's Renaissance.
The elegance and sobriety of its architecture as well as the charm of its gardens are a jewel of World Heritage.


Le château de Balzac
Château de Balzac
Located at Saché, 11 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire.
From 1825 to 1848, Balzac found in the small room reserved for him, silence and austerity and a privileged place of inspiration away from life turmoils and financial worries...
Le Père Goriot, Louis Lambert, César Birotteau and also Illusions perdues partly written in this place.


Les Grottes Pétrifiantes of Savonnières
Grottes Savonnières
Located 13 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire, a stone's throw from the Château de Villandry, these caves are housing former tuffeau quarries from the Middle-Ages.
Witness the magical extravaganza accomplished by the effects of water, drawing, as time passed, all types of limestone concretions.


Rigny-Ussé, the Sleeping Beauty castle
Château d'Ussé
Once upon a time, there was a magical castle overlooking the Indre and the Loire River...
So wonderful that it inspired Charles Perrault for his Sleeping Beauty.
Located 14 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire, come and immerse yourself in the life of the Chateau d'Ussé with its fairy tale scenes coming alive before you.


Chinon and its medieval fortress
13 kms from the Auberge Pom'Poire, go and visit Chinon and its medieval fortress famous for the meeting between Joan of Arc and King Charles VII on 25 February 1429.
Chinon is an exceptional tourist site close to the river Vienne and to its limestone hillside' s steep slopes.
Signatory of an "Art and History City" convention since 2000, it offers all year round group and individual visits to discover its heritage riches.


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